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What is SMS Authentication?

We will send you an SMS (Text) message with a unique one time password which must be provided before your wallet data will be made available for decryption. To be able to login to your wallet you must provide both your password and SMS code. If for example your wallet password was compromised due to a keylogger or phishing attempt the attacker would be unable to access your wallet without also having access to your cell phone so your bitcoins would remain safe!

How Do I enable SMS Authentication?

Login to your My Wallet Account on the Welcome Screen click [Account Details] and the [Security]. Choose SMS From the Two factor authentication select box.

At next login an authentication code will be sent to you. Simply enter the code as shown below.

I didn't receive a confirmation code?

The provided phone number must include the full international dialing code prefixed with a +. International SMS messaging can be unreliable some country codes and network providers may not be supported.

How much does it cost?

There is no charge for this service.

What other types of Two-Factor authentication does My Wallet support?

My Wallet supports Yubikey, Google Authenticator and Email two factor authentication.

I've lost my phone and can't login!

No problem, simply complete a two factor authentication reset request.