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Notifications will be sent to the email address associated with your account. You must confirm your email address before any notifications will be sent. Copy the confirmation code found in your welcome email into the "Email Verification Code:" input box on your My Account page.


Notifications will be sent by SMS text message to your mobile phone. All My Wallet accounts get 5 free SMS messages per day, more can optionally be purchased in the [Account Details] section.

Google Talk

Using Google Talk My Wallet will instant message you a notification whenever a payment is sent or received. Google Talk mobile clients are available for the iPhone, Palm Pre, BlackBerry, Android-based devices and is preloaded on the Nokia N900 smartphone.

Your account email address will be used as your Google Talk username. You will also need to add to your contacts list


In order to receive notifications through Skype instant messaging your must first add My Wallet to your contacts list. Our Skype username is "blockchain"

Usage Notes

You may receive notifications for double spends, transactions without the minimum fee requirements or non-standard scripts. It is therefore highly recommended you do not use these notifications to process payments without an additional source of verification.

My Wallet normally only stores an encrypted JSON payload of your wallet and hence is not aware of your public keys. Enabling payment notifications will cause your public keys to be inserted in a separate table along with your wallet identifier. Enabling notifications therefore sacrifices some anonymity however you can easily use a throwaway email address.