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An encrypted copy of your wallet can be emailed to you by clicking [Wallet Home] [Email Backup Now].

Paper Wallets

Paper Wallets are one of the best ways to securely backup your private keys. To make a paper wallet click [Import / Export] [Paper Wallet] and print the page.


You can export an unencrypted copy of your keys by clicking on [Import / Export] [Export Unencrypted] and clicking on the download button. It is not advised you save this file to computer, instead use an encrypted copy.

    "guid" : "fpfsdff2445-fe0a-sdf234sdf-57d5-sfsd",
    "sharedKey" : "sdf234sdf-57d5-sfsdf-h56h5-fddsf45345",
    "keys" : [
        "addr" : "1LMrshuK8GdJjukVrrbWkT9FUi4aCTvATe",
         "priv" : "3iQUEupVox3hUbn5Q577umvu8Z2zmn4gKW1YJx6TxJsN"

Server Side backups

Your wallet is automatically saved on at least two separate servers and is backed up to an offsite location every 24 hours.