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Dropbox is a free online storage service with client available for Windows, Mac and Linux. To enable automatic dropbox backups click [Wallet Home] [Account Details] and check the appropriate checkbox. Once enabled your wallet will automatically be saved into /Apps/

Note we use the official OAuth dropbox API. You password is not shared with us and we can only read files in the "" folder


An encrypted copy of your wallet can be emailed to you by clicking [Wallet Home] [Email Backup Now].

Paper Wallets

Paper Wallets are one of the best ways to securely backup your private keys. To make a paper wallet click [Import / Export] [Paper Wallet] and print the page.


You can export an unencrypted copy of your keys by clicking on [Import / Export] [Export Unencrypted] and clicking on the download button. It is not advised you save this file to computer, instead use an encrypted copy.

    "guid" : "fpfsdff2445-fe0a-sdf234sdf-57d5-sfsd",
    "sharedKey" : "sdf234sdf-57d5-sfsdf-h56h5-fddsf45345",
    "keys" : [
        "addr" : "1LMrshuK8GdJjukVrrbWkT9FUi4aCTvATe",
         "priv" : "3iQUEupVox3hUbn5Q577umvu8Z2zmn4gKW1YJx6TxJsN"

Server Side backups

Your wallet is automatically saved on at least two separate servers and is backed up to an offsite location every 24 hours.