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Cao Tuổi Những giao dịch Tổng số đã gửi Đã chuyển tiếp bởi Kích cỡ (kB)
385638 16 minutes 555 1,792.56 BTC F2Pool 976.38
385637 19 minutes 920 2,826.41 BTC AntPool 781.05
385636 21 minutes 2362 21,152.00 BTC Eligius 886.46
385635 49 minutes 834 2,772.82 BTC BW.COM 926.92
385634 53 minutes 1035 6,828.63 BTC BitFury 971.83
385633 56 minutes 1752 9,237.94 BTC BitFury 971.84
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cc44240a3b2fe1162ec9cb106... < 1 minute
c4b74d9382cad205229a0a43d... < 1 minute
a730c5f85e464b2740ed86615... < 1 minute
b7f651cba1ca7dfa096853456... < 1 minute
f47c625256c77a4d4db2718ac... < 1 minute
245401461a93d0bdc107cc76a... < 1 minute
4917c05eec733b79d4cf0d81a... < 1 minute
8db99286df38694b794710f9d... < 1 minute
65869eef0f2d3dddb1efc2a0d... < 1 minute
6774802635efd10548cc26092... < 1 minute

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New: Magnr Bitcoin Trading Platform 1 minute trước
is this a SCAM??
Reddit 1 minute trước
Purse.IO Bitcoin Black Friday Sale
Reddit 19 minutes trước
This looks like a scam as well. Goes to domain, instead of Anybody know for sure?
Reddit 25 minutes trước
Is this a Black Friday Scam? Note address is, not!
Reddit 31 minutes trước
Peter Todd: "Remember how we discussed adding Tor-by-default to Bitcoin Core? It'll be in v0.12!"
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Amplifying Side Channels Through Performance Degradation - mentions an attack on the secp256k1 curve that allows for breaking a private key by observing only 6 signatures
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BlockC has joined Bitcoin Black Friday with the new ASIC miner Avalon6
Reddit 2 hours 13 minutes trước
Attention ALL who have had BTC frozen/stolen on CampBX: Please private message me and help spread the word. This is to start a Class Action Lawsuit against Bulbul Investments LLC.
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Detecting Bloom Filter Requests from SPV wallets
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Estonia Makes a Blockchain Breakthrough in Cooperation with Bitnation
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The Netherlands’ best department store now accepts bitcoin - Dutch BTC Adoption is huge!
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Bitmain joins Bitcoin Black Friday with limited stock of Antminer S7’s at $999
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A pure python3 bitcoin protocol with pycoin
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Looking to spend some Bitcoins on some Black Friday deals? Why not my artisan product business?
Reddit 4 hours 2 minutes trước

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