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Chiều cao Lứa tuổi giao dịch Tổng số gửi chuyển tiếp Bằng Kích thước (kB)
417837 < 1 minute 245 10,709.82 BTC F2Pool 999.92
417836 1 minute 1345 22,478.53 BTC F2Pool 999.92
417835 9 minutes 1690 19,949.00 BTC AntPool 998.11
417834 19 minutes 1874 17,331.50 BTC BitFury 998.2
417833 33 minutes 1466 8,724.00 BTC BTCC Pool 562.47
417832 44 minutes 1488 10,092.01 BTC AntPool 998.19
Giao dịch mới nhất
acdea5b44b411101b50937941... < 1 minute
487084fac5537627dd8519524... < 1 minute
31a6512aa88f9e7dd4bc108b7... < 1 minute
451ae267185451ba69f98b8ce... < 1 minute
8f210035d4c087f8d9753edf7... < 1 minute
b61df1a442a29067ef48ca3c1... < 1 minute
14134fd09cceaf681bf6f43d4... < 1 minute
1e5ea5994855a01d5d2785858... < 1 minute
0b9a4ccd5ba5005fd1b1b055c... < 1 minute
97e75d96335161522dd4c1881... < 1 minute

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Magnr - Bitcoin Trading Platform | Trade with Leverage
Magnr < 1 minute cách đây
The dollar's appreciation against the euro and pound could cause China to devalue its currency, according to Jeff Kleintop, chief global investment strategist, at Charles Schwab.
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Citibank technical issue. Nobody has access to their money at the moment.
/r/bitcoin 54 minutes cách đây
Citibank systems down hard. Credit cards being declined, ATM access disabled, customer support down, can't login online
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‘As If Identity Was the Goal’: Antonopoulos Slams Blockchain KYC
Bitcoin.com 1 hour 28 minutes cách đây
BitcoinPay.com not recommended (at least for US merchants)
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Is it time for a bitxit?
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What if a miner could publish an arbitrarily sized block, yet any miner with a 1 mb limit would see and validate only 1 mb of this arbitrarily sized block. The extra transactions would go back to the mempool.
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Bitcoin for beef? It. Is. Possible. (and it's grass fed)
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Bitcoin Rollercoaster Rides Brexit As Ether Price Holds Amid DAO Debacle
CoinDesk 3 hours 5 minutes cách đây
The DAO’s Existential Crisis: Bitcoin Still Not Affected
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There's hope amidst the Brexit‬ . We global citizens call it Plan ‎Bitcoin‬ the 21st Century Safehaven!
/r/bitcoin 4 hours 1 minute cách đây
There's hope amidst the ‪‎Brexit‬ . We global citizens call it Plan ‪Bitcoin‬ the 21st Century Safehaven!
/r/btc 4 hours 9 minutes cách đây
As Global Currencies Plunge Over Brexit, Investors Turn to Bitcoin
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Nice technical Analysis
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