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Transaction View information about a bitcoin transaction

13YtDcn7NX7W8P5Rj7kAEM9Bvgm5sQrgDX (0.0000273 BTC - Output)
1NQoWGL4SmzmbbCfw9usr45Smgb3P9vePE (0.02731 BTC - Output)
1NQoWGL4SmzmbbCfw9usr45Smgb3P9vePE - (Spent) 0.02651 BTC
16bUGjvunVp7LqygLHrTvHyvbvfeuRCWAh - (Spent) 0.0000273 BTC
Unable to decode output address - (Unspent) 0 BTC
Size 403 (bytes)
Weight 1612
Received Time 2017-10-12 18:21:41
Included In Blocks 489549 ( 2017-10-12 19:16:05 + 54 minutes )
Confirmations 39500 Confirmations
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Inputs and Outputs
Total Input 0.0273373 BTC
Total Output 0.0265373 BTC
Fees 0.0008 BTC
Fee per byte 198.511 sat/B
Fee per weight unit 49.628 sat/WU
Estimated BTC Transacted 0.0000273 BTC
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Input Scripts

ScriptSig: PUSHDATA(71)[30440220331cde58e266b2acd17c19a4247f3cdeddbcf2eb699e17ec3eaeddb624e5732702205ad6200401ac5f169edb613dae9bfaade9b0b5137b46d9fde05824b3508fa84f01] PUSHDATA(33)[028a7d2ad2e89e6c9e3752a90c859ff0c247520e6c72bc93d5d0d31aac82654fb4]
ScriptSig: PUSHDATA(71)[30440220507d89946ca6089e82ca0f83efde2e6cc11077d043dceb8dbbc8b453fe6a0d3e0220113eddc02751789e861410a46ec365d9de6ee431103915728a5b8b3efd891cd501] PUSHDATA(33)[0379f59e95aae2e42172fb2819f25a529b5e2e176b3bfbe7b83ad79187e909e5ae]

Output Scripts

DUP HASH160 PUSHDATA(20)[eadb075441f89b5ea0acbd624421c2665c8f271c] EQUALVERIFY CHECKSIG
DUP HASH160 PUSHDATA(20)[3d5d896021734204e05378a29c393251fca8fdd7] EQUALVERIFY CHECKSIG
RETURN PUSHDATA(20)[6f6d6e69000000000000001f000000147b091792]
(decoded) omni{ �