This pages shows the addresses which have sent bitcoins to 168BwiZoG2qNPj397suZtbJuBZJdntDa2w. The data can be used to evaluate the anonymity provided by a mixing service. For example Send Coins from Address A to a Mixing service then withdraw to address B. If you can find Address A on the taint list of Address B then the mixing service has not sufficiently severed the link between your addresses. The more "taint" the stronger the link that remains.

Branch Address Taint (%) Count Top IPs
165mcEGNZNEdLy1pU53ZXDvxzP6w5Wzpu8 50.0% 1
1C5cd1qMXCm6vD9v8q515vVFHK2G7AwEzp 50.0% 1
1FJTaCK3nHR2k5vp5mF52LYKNoKDMXD2NS 50.0% 1
17A16QmavnUfCW11DAApiJxp7ARnxN5pGX 50.0% 12