We’re packing our bags and preparing to move...domains!

To make way for our new and exciting products coming this year, we’re saying hello to our new home. blockchain.info will soon be changing URLs as it's combined with our company site, blockchain.com.

Read more about what to expect.

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3K5WQGCkyPmTf4odEhXoK8aZgXeZKyvDsf 0.00737408 BTC
1Jgx3Gq8qhieL17YRsfkAccycB6hNsNAsh 0.1 BTC
Storlek 669 (bitgrupper)
Vikt 2676
Mottagen tid 2017-03-20 05:04:44
Ingår i block 458068 ( 2017-03-20 05:04:44 + 0 minuter )
bekräftelser 70668 bekräftelser
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Total inmatning 0.10850233 BTC
Total produktion 0.10737408 BTC
avgifter 0.00112825 BTC
Avgift per byte 168.647 sat/B
Avgift per vikt enhet 42.162 sat/WU
Beräknad BTC Transaktion 0.1 BTC
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