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Höjd Ålder transaktioner totalt ringt reläas av Storlek (kB)
410273 1 minute 1194 6,912.81 BTC BTCC Pool 422.56
410272 8 minutes 15 98.52 BTC AntPool 4.07
410271 9 minutes 326 2,044.38 BTC BTCC Pool 102.17
410270 10 minutes 1891 17,958.20 BTC BitFury 952.8
410269 23 minutes 2574 22,667.97 BTC BTCC Pool 989.19
410268 40 minutes 2957 20,741.01 BTC BW.COM 998.05
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575b241dcd805a1aa9ac9343c... < 1 minute
8d5a8c4efe82875679598e707... < 1 minute
f7b78c432261ec8e8ec1ac549... < 1 minute
0f6d5cdb380924c2c82136382... < 1 minute
169f59fe5174ddfff9878c95b... < 1 minute
2fa359f2b801292e2eada4b11... < 1 minute
9962559bb3b675a5387e38d1d... < 1 minute
f35638dcffbadf22e3ee29e66... < 1 minute
f19310bf3e3925a20e759f99c... < 1 minute
33302ea6d94196ef20075f19a... < 1 minute


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Magnr - Bitcoin Trading Platform | Trade with Leverage
Magnr < 1 minute sedan
They're Bringing Back Feudalism. Bitcoin is a weapon to fight back.
/r/bitcoin < 1 minute sedan
I Am Satoshi: Will Dr. Wright Cause Panic in the Bitcoin Markets?
Bitcoinist 9 minutes sedan
[Prediction] Craig is proven to be Satoshi, Classic gets endorsed, 75% is reached by August, Bitcoin scales, All hell breaks loose, $2500 bitcoin.
/r/btc 11 minutes sedan
so, are you guys enjoying the up to 4x increased capacity that Core promised and sold to the world ?
/r/btc 11 minutes sedan
Brian Armstrong: "Bitcoin is going to need some Uber style "surge pricing!" on transaction fees if these full blocks keep up. Should be interesting."
/r/btc 11 minutes sedan
I'm a small blocks/core supporter but how bad at PR these guys can be ?
/r/bitcoin 11 minutes sedan
According to the Mtgox leaks from early 2014, our brand new 'Satoshi' Craig Wright bought 17.24 bitcoins at a rate of $1198 each.
/r/btc 20 minutes sedan
"Gavin revoked my commit access to the bitcoin github repo not long after I stopped using it."
/r/btc 44 minutes sedan
Gavin: "I brought a list of the first 100 block's keys with me and verified the public key against that list. That was the only connection to the chain."
/r/btc 1 hour sedan
New Bitcoin.com Podcast video: Bitcoin for Gold Bugs
/r/btc 1 hour 11 minutes sedan
Is Dave Kleiman the Missing Link in Craig Wright's Satoshi Story?
/r/btc 1 hour 11 minutes sedan
Stop the Search for Bitcoin’s Creator! It misses the point of bitcoin
/r/bitcoin 1 hour 27 minutes sedan
DAO raises nearly $15 mln at start of crowdsale
/r/btc 1 hour 52 minutes sedan
Jihan Wu (AntPool): "A new Bitcoin user was confused by the slow Bitcoin network and the fee policy. (From a wechat group)
/r/btc 1 hour 52 minutes sedan

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