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441791 6 minutes 2847 3,582.41 BTC BW.COM 998.08
441790 7 minutes 2668 5,363.09 BTC BW.COM 998.14
441789 17 minutes 1572 6,660.93 BTC BTCC Pool 998.79
441788 23 minutes 1575 13,784.88 BTC BitClub Network 998.16
441787 37 minutes 2417 8,609.03 BTC BW.COM 998.16
441786 1 hour 16 minutes 843 1,308.50 BTC F2Pool 704.04
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8b8893a70aab8b530e9756599... < 1 minute
8a847ee2d71877259409680d3... < 1 minute
8d22e9d16c762354fe0b461e9... < 1 minute
5c75c807e96bbb260a072405c... < 1 minute
ce89a27d7b52bb9f29c68d75d... < 1 minute
d5872d5185cfedb3d805533ff... < 1 minute
2c75fa9ebc65dda4d2b00f2c3... < 1 minute
2b714904eafba9e2fc45db8ce... < 1 minute
185b0e00a07a2777cce150b7a... < 1 minute
70fce5e8079e8971bcd229dc4... < 1 minute


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no https for
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