Our WebSocket API allows developers to receive Real-Time notifications about new transactions and blocks. The Websocket echo test can be useful for debugging.

Connection URL:


Status Updates

Regardless of channel subscription you may receive status messages. This should be displayed to the user.

{"op":"status", "msg", "Connected, Subscribed, Welcome etc..."}

Once the socket is open you can subscribe to a channel by sending an "op" message.

Keep Alive

In order to prevent the connection from closing, every 30 seconds or so, make sure to interact with the websocket in any way. If you do not need any data, but want to keep it open, you should send a ping every 30 seconds.


Subscribing to Unconfirmed transactions

Subscribe to notifications for all new bitcoin transactions.


Subscribing to an Address

Receive new transactions for a specific bitcoin address:

{"op":"addr_sub", "addr":"$bitcoin_address"}

Message on new transaction:

    "op": "utx",
    "x": {
        "lock_time": 0,
        "ver": 1,
        "size": 192,
        "inputs": [
                "sequence": 4294967295,
                "prev_out": {
                    "spent": true,
                    "tx_index": 99005468,
                    "type": 0,
                    "addr": "1BwGf3z7n2fHk6NoVJNkV32qwyAYsMhkWf",
                    "value": 65574000,
                    "n": 0,
                    "script": "76a91477f4c9ee75e449a74c21a4decfb50519cbc245b388ac"
                "script": "483045022100e4ff962c292705f051c2c2fc519fa775a4d8955bce1a3e29884b2785277999ed02200b537ebd22a9f25fbbbcc9113c69c1389400703ef2017d80959ef0f1d685756c012102618e08e0c8fd4c5fe539184a30fe35a2f5fccf7ad62054cad29360d871f8187d"
        "time": 1440086763,
        "tx_index": 99006637,
        "vin_sz": 1,
        "hash": "0857b9de1884eec314ecf67c040a2657b8e083e1f95e31d0b5ba3d328841fc7f",
        "vout_sz": 1,
        "relayed_by": "",
        "out": [
                "spent": false,
                "tx_index": 99006637,
                "type": 0,
                "addr": "1A828tTnkVFJfSvLCqF42ohZ51ksS3jJgX",
                "value": 65564000,
                "n": 0,
                "script": "76a914640cfdf7b79d94d1c980133e3587bd6053f091f388ac"

Subscribing to new Blocks

Receive notifications when a new block is found. Note: if the chain splits you will receive more than one notification for a specific block height.


Message On New Block:

    "op": "block",
    "x": {
        "txIndexes": [
        "nTx": 0,
        "totalBTCSent": 0,
        "estimatedBTCSent": 0,
        "reward": 0,
        "size": 0,
        "blockIndex": 190460,
        "prevBlockIndex": 190457,
        "height": 170359,
        "hash": "00000000000006436073c07dfa188a8fa54fefadf571fd774863cda1b884b90f",
        "mrklRoot": "94e51495e0e8a0c3b78dac1220b2f35ceda8799b0a20cfa68601ed28126cfcc2",
        "version": 1,
        "time": 1331301261,
        "bits": 436942092,
        "nonce": 758889471

Debugging OPs:


Responds with the latest block


Responds with the latest transaction. If subscribed to any addresses it will respond with the latest transaction involving those addresses.