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Numer bloku Czas transakcje Całkowicie przesłano przekazane przez Rozmiar (kB)
398319 2 minutes 2686 39,421.72 BTC F2Pool 976.49
398318 28 minutes 181 1,558.48 BTC AntPool 164.15
398317 29 minutes 88 689.31 BTC Slush 101.12
398316 31 minutes 648 3,935.69 BTC F2Pool 281.73
398315 35 minutes 1396 32,187.99 BTC AntPool 865.31
398314 46 minutes 535 4,748.59 BTC KnCMiner 887.86
Ostatnie Transakcje
cceacc49eaf23522046f0a062... < 1 minute
b3c2af6405a9ba7e56955d58d... < 1 minute
6fc750ea08c5eb46bf3239598... < 1 minute
cf690550030e016f6c082b783... < 1 minute
2ca97902bcdf20d8355f8defa... < 1 minute
875abd1008d153782c37d4ba3... < 1 minute
3cccf6c978b6159d35da74d2f... < 1 minute
3ab3c6895126f975038517a42... < 1 minute
ab68f0703ba822491464508aa... < 1 minute
1c1b5a5460ceaf27f895d6365... < 1 minute


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Magnr - Bitcoin Trading Platform | Trade with Leverage
Magnr < 1 minute temu
Andreas Antonopoulos on the Tatiana Show regarding ongoing debate in bitcoin, (tl;dl... healthy debate, bitcoin is resilient)
/r/bitcoin 3 minutes temu
Louis CK's new show Horace and Pete is great, and his site accepts bitcoin! Check it out!
/r/bitcoin 3 minutes temu
Only a moron/troll would say that someone could take you to court for working on Bitcoin. Here is the license agreement
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This particular war is over. We lost. What now?
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Bitcoin Roundtable Announcement Thwarts Bitcoin Classic Launch
Bitcoin Magazine 24 minutes temu
Videos like this are why Bitcoin struggles in the mainstream -- "Experts" who have no idea what they're talking about
/r/bitcoin 39 minutes temu account questions
/r/bitcoin 39 minutes temu
Author of Upcoming Blockchain Book awarded Order of Canada
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We should be so lucky as to have China’s crash
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What are the most reputable escrows out there?
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Market Flight To Gold Has Even Mark Cuban ‘Confused’
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Why is OpenBazzar any better than Ebay? The fees?
/r/bitcoin 1 hour 9 minutes temu
meanwhile, look how good segwit is going: out of 31 project listed, only two are "ready": mSIGNA from Eric Lombrozo (one of SW devs), and libblkmaker by luke-jr from blockstream. Cool, uh?
/r/btc 1 hour 21 minutes temu
Here comes higher prices again, coming month will be crazy.
/r/bitcoin 1 hour 21 minutes temu

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