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Height Age Transactions Total Sent Relayed By Size (kB)
398126 5 minutes 52 524.21 BTC BTCC Pool 48.18
398125 5 minutes 2453 20,223.96 BTC BitFury 971.76
398124 25 minutes 1600 10,104.21 BTC BW.COM 836.76
398123 37 minutes 522 2,479.15 BTC F2Pool 296.56
398122 40 minutes 860 6,577.40 BTC AntPool 495.43
398121 46 minutes 1146 5,462.37 BTC BitFury 973.75
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e3119d4560c80e824f5c64f3d... < 1 minute
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6b2fe28705106ad38aec5a0c6 (SatoshiBONES 6.25pct ) < 1 minute
bb563efad44843162d53068f8... < 1 minute
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654e523dd817cbce5e3261201... < 1 minute
55bf269eff2bb868124da01d7... < 1 minute
241b7d3e4c27a0fb925f05713 (LuckyBit hot wallet ) < 1 minute
19bc54ec3781eafea2aaf8f01... < 1 minute


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Brian Armstrong on Twitter: "Bitcoin is entering an era of multiple competing nodes (like browsers), and this is a good thing" Full slides on SlideShare
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The Tatiana Show — Andreas M. Antonopoulos
/r/btc 36 minutes ago The Bitcoin Classic Mining Donation Fund is now running! Someone just donated 10 BTC! Thank you whoever you are. We are starting off at 260 TH/s (highest ever)
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