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363970 33 minutes 964 6,131.19 BTC F2Pool 976.47
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363968 40 minutes 1224 13,742.45 BTC F2Pool 976.55
363967 1 hour 9 minutes 684 10,037.81 BTC Bitsolo 243.29
363966 1 hour 4 minutes 1072 17,648.11 BTC 731.62
363965 1 hour 26 minutes 1715 16,438.95 BTC BTCChina Pool 926.86
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NEWS - Bitcoin Trading Platform. Start Trading in Two Minutes < 1 minute ago
The official Greek government website has counted less than 10% of votes, but "No" is current ahead on 59.91% (compared to 40.09% for "Yes")
Reddit 1 minute ago
Bitcoin Surges After Initial Forecasts Show "No" Vote Ahead
Reddit 14 minutes ago
Is it possible to build a Bitcoin faucet that functions only for Greek IP addresses?
Reddit 21 minutes ago
Bitcoin Price Pushing Higher On Expected "No" Vote
CryptoCoinsNews 21 minutes ago
Rates and Services
Lets Talk Bitcoin 30 minutes ago
I was bored, so I fired up gimp and made an image detailing my prediction of the bitcoin markets for the next few months
Reddit 39 minutes ago still accepting v=2 blocks. BitSolo just mined one
Reddit 43 minutes ago
Bitcoin wallets vulnerable to double-spending bug
BetaNews 49 minutes ago
Robert Peston on Twitter: This is what a Greek "no" looks like. All 4 pollsters agree no. But they could be wrong
Reddit 56 minutes ago
Greek referendum final polls show 'No' vote ahead by small margin. At the same time Bitcoin price is going up.
Reddit 56 minutes ago
Bitcoin on the move after "NO's" appear to have the lead in exit polls.
Reddit 1 hour 2 minutes ago
It's not over yet! Greece predicted to select a new currency if 'no' vote is sustained. Now is the time to promote the features of Bitcoin!!
Reddit 1 hour 14 minutes ago
Backed For What? Backed As Store of Value or Backed As Transmitter As Value? As Transmitter it is Backed By Infrastructure. That Gives BTC Value.
Reddit 1 hour 14 minutes ago
Crypto Collider Launches; Unique Bitcoin Physics Game
Bitcoinist 1 hour 30 minutes ago

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