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Height Age Transactions Total Sent Relayed By Size (kB)
363774 8 minutes 1221 5,661.43 BTC F2Pool 767.07
363773 17 minutes 55 519.91 BTC 21 Inc. 22.6
363772 21 minutes 101 270.02 BTC AntPool 47.62
363771 21 minutes 266 1,972.85 BTC AntPool 120.23
363770 25 minutes 362 2,397.00 BTC BTCChina Pool 215.09
363769 28 minutes 1524 6,611.87 BTC BW.COM 731.46
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844e1a1842e4ce4c76bc19290 (LuckyBit hot wallet ) < 1 minute
9a58571484d29b6b4eabecc35... < 1 minute
33b7c3c4e458a335a329aa9d3... < 1 minute
654b505057c78034e9b673505... < 1 minute
530c40460fb2840672988a307 (Michael Buttler) < 1 minute
d10166be102785459aefd1f97... < 1 minute
efb0946826690c953c9df82a9... < 1 minute
326218b9e2a3a14666646787f... < 1 minute
e5c32734e4c3bd63d940c5eab (LuckyBit green ) < 1 minute
d914e0bb64d4b8bbaf0ac226c (LuckyBit hot wallet ) < 1 minute


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'It [Ulterior States] reminds us that the original intent of ‪#‎Bitcoin‬ was not simply meant for an accumulative assimilation, but was an experiment meant to radically change the structure of State and society.'
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If you are using any wallet other than Bitcoin Core 0.10.x or 0.9.5 (or something backed by one of those versions), then you should not trust incoming transactions until they have ~30 confirmations.
Reddit 2 hours 46 minutes ago
What do Greeks think about bitcoin? "That's a stupid f*cking idea for many reasons. It's not useful to us, it's unstable, it's a pyramid scheme, we don't have money to buy any bitcoin..." - /r/Greece
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