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Height Age Transactions Total Sent Relayed By Size (kB)
353754 < 1 minute 428 10,859.71 BTC BTCChina Pool 196.4
353753 7 minutes 713 10,939.40 BTC 400.02
353752 28 minutes 440 6,069.21 BTC F2Pool 225.19
353751 38 minutes 654 13,491.09 BTC Eligius 399.74
353750 54 minutes 60 442.14 BTC KnCMiner 78.24
353749 55 minutes 26 714.08 BTC 77.6
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a60c398765376f02d6583cfd8... < 1 minute
41eda098d5dcf446f14683fb0... < 1 minute
a34bed37c56a2fc183b921ef2... < 1 minute
0775897457df4f787c559d99d ( Earn) < 1 minute
6b9b668bdac784258d8ec0b38... < 1 minute
1efc9fcd70430099f9f664816... < 1 minute
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00df021ed742d3dc2b722b293... < 1 minute
234fecefea3e640a9c02e0b44... < 1 minute
68934625ae3ed8d9c0f0e53b0... < 1 minute


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BTCJam < 1 minute ago
The Swiss Have Eliminated The Zero Lower Bound - Bitcoin Not Affected
Reddit 15 minutes ago
Lazy n00b question, I know, but is there a general consensus on the best software wallet?
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Tiphound is an awesome way for authors to make some bitcoin for selling their content. One of the best arguments in favor of bitcoin is the ease of making these instant micropayments. Just click the link and make a tip you feel is fair to get the file.
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The Rise of Bitcoin in Poland | Opinion.
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BitGo is over, lost funds, No support, CEO left. The writing is on the wall.
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Local Bitcoins having withdrawal issues...... (this never ends well)
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When I die, you (Bitcoiners) will get all my wealth
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Earthquake in Nepal and how you can help
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Well f*** me, LBTC
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[PSA] Local Bitcoins BTC withdraw failing.
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I finally bought something with Bitcoin - at a local bike shop.
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Disaster strikes in Nepal - Let's all donate what we can using whatever means we have (Red Cross accept bitcoin via twitter)
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The Yemen Civil War—–Washington Armed The Houthis, Not Iran
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Random Darknet Shopper ‘Cleared of All Charges’
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