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Height Age Transactions Total Sent Relayed By Size (kB)
414267 4 minutes 2396 48,871.32 BTC F2Pool 999.86
414266 26 minutes 1211 16,800.69 BTC BW.COM 998.14
414265 31 minutes 1336 54,014.79 BTC AntPool 998.08
414264 42 minutes 526 13,190.49 BTC BW.COM 998.23
414263 45 minutes 1471 27,094.97 BTC BitFury 998.06
414262 56 minutes 2213 15,738.80 BTC AntPool 998.21
Latest Transactions
cd6fd90f71eb169822b659b99... < 1 minute
1bc75b7a25886a9ef6d790611... < 1 minute
0b084a2de3e213e8ac02a8958... < 1 minute
12e6d39e9f0fb52be335a7b93... < 1 minute
81a9612504f9ce5458055f7b2... < 1 minute
7dc707d9c2ecefbdc6b66bdcc... < 1 minute
2a481d2ab08453f80c5c1dc31... < 1 minute
c01c2ba0bff8abe8e84371d5d... < 1 minute
8038d1af4c96c4d8f10d8fa37... < 1 minute
6162d77665b5184f4e027e6e0... < 1 minute


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Magnr - Bitcoin Trading Platform | Trade with Leverage
Magnr < 1 minute ago
New initiative to send books to bitcoin convicts
/r/btc 13 minutes ago
Bitcoin: Economist Argues It Isn’t Money in Landmark Case
/r/btc 22 minutes ago
Bitcoin's Rise To A Major Currency
/r/btc 30 minutes ago
Feds Discover Bitcoin Theiving Sheep Marketplace Culprits
/r/btc 30 minutes ago
R3 Meets Obama Advisors at DC Blockchain Event
/r/btc 47 minutes ago
Balaji S. Srinivasan on Twitter: "It required Satoshi-level game theory to get a decentralized wire transfer right (Bitcoin). How much harder to decentralize a corp charter?"
/r/btc 55 minutes ago
Saudi Debt : Bitcoin may be safer than US Treasuries
/r/bitcoin 1 hour 21 minutes ago
If the block subsidy was zero miners would have already voted for an increase in capacity since it would allow them to get more profit via tx fees.
/r/btc 1 hour 29 minutes ago
BitGo on Twitter: "It's been over 90 minutes now since the last block (414249). Good time to be a user of BitGo Instant!"
/r/btc 1 hour 47 minutes ago
If you're running a wallet on your phone, or you're using a single board computer to run a node or manage mining ASICs, they may be at risk
/r/btc 1 hour 47 minutes ago
Allwinner Leaves Root Exploit in Linux Kernel, Putting ARM Devices at Risk
Bitcoinist 1 hour 53 minutes ago
Bitcoin Uncensored interviews "Backpage Driver" tonight live at 7PM EST (Midnight UTC)
/r/bitcoin 1 hour 56 minutes ago
Digital payments helped save lives, $10 million in Sierra Leone Ebola outbreak response, UN study finds
CoinReport 2 hours 7 minutes ago
Someone just bet a grand that we'll still be stuck with utterly full blocks by the end of the year. Unfortunately, I think he's going to win :(
/r/btc 2 hours 21 minutes ago

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