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410482 17 minutes 1234 14,504.11 BTC AntPool 512.65
410481 23 minutes 1413 14,068.07 BTC AntPool 592.16
410480 30 minutes 1226 8,941.90 BTC BTCC Pool 615.47
410479 37 minutes 2215 23,166.58 BTC BitFury 998.01
410478 52 minutes 1490 11,049.98 BTC BitFury 801.69
410477 1 hour 1 minute 837 13,241.15 BTC F2Pool 507.16
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Magnr - Bitcoin Trading Platform | Trade with Leverage
Magnr < 1 minute ago
If I was the real Satoshi Nakamoto, I'd not out Wright as a fraud, I'd sit back and grab some popcorn.
/r/bitcoin 42 minutes ago
Craig Wright Possesses Technical Knowledge To Dupe Gavin Andresen
Bitcoinist 58 minutes ago
The guardian throwing some serious shade at CSW
/r/bitcoin 1 hour 6 minutes ago
HIGHLY SPECULATIVE: Saotshi's bitcoin in a trust managed by Ian Grigg, Joseph Vaughn Perling et al
/r/btc 1 hour 6 minutes ago
Craig Wright's Twitter Account is being managed by Uyen Nguyen - Tweets coming in.
/r/bitcoin 1 hour 23 minutes ago
PSA: Don't like bitcoin debit cards? Don't fucking use them
/r/bitcoin 1 hour 23 minutes ago
Craig Wright's sister told BitcoinBelle that he lied when he said he loved her - WTF? Is this a soap opera?
/r/bitcoin 1 hour 23 minutes ago
New York to Give BitLicense to Coinbase and Ripple
newsBTC 1 hour 29 minutes ago
"Does Bitcoin Still Matter?"
/r/bitcoin 1 hour 51 minutes ago
JVP: People do not understand what cryptography does and does not do. People do not understand pseudonymous. Having a key means you have a key. It does not mean you had it previously, or that you will have it in the future.
/r/btc 1 hour 59 minutes ago
It doesn't matter who created Bitcoin
/r/bitcoin 1 hour 59 minutes ago
XMLGold Makes Trading Bitcoin More Convenient With Debit Cards and More
newsBTC 2 hours 12 minutes ago
I start having a huge doubt
/r/bitcoin 2 hours 25 minutes ago
This week was an opportunity squandered. All the media attention and traffic to this sub, the only thing people see are a fuckton of shitty threads about CW OR SN
/r/bitcoin 2 hours 42 minutes ago

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