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398040 1 minute 257 2,507.22 BTC AntPool 134.28
398039 3 minutes 1043 40,878.81 BTC BitFury 423.52
398038 9 minutes 1215 13,801.27 BTC BitFury 649.17
398037 19 minutes 929 10,872.74 BTC F2Pool 624.81
398036 24 minutes 2447 36,675.69 BTC F2Pool 976.46
398035 45 minutes 463 2,726.09 BTC BTCC Pool 203.96
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BTCJam < 1 minute ago
sound cloud going out of business after $44m in losses
/r/bitcoin 6 minutes ago
Look at all those gold buyers who might have bought bitcoin instead if Core hadn't been quite so focused on creating their "fee market".
/r/bitcoin 6 minutes ago
bitLanders social network - awards activity with bitcoin
/r/bitcoin 6 minutes ago
I just tweet this to make a bit of fun on money, their creation, use and disappear, maybe you like it ;-)
/r/bitcoin 12 minutes ago
Bill Bonner - author of best selling economics books - would abolish central banks, currencies and be in favor of digital currencies like Bitcoin
/r/bitcoin 12 minutes ago
Hard Fork Conspiracy Treacherous - Requirement to Include AML Protocols in Bitcoin Classic or BitcoinXT | Riddell Williams P.S. Seattle Law Firm
/r/bitcoin 12 minutes ago
Kraken thoughts // buy vs sell order UI
/r/bitcoin 30 minutes ago
E-Coins Tim Frost Bitcoin Is An Experiment And A Great Success So Far
/r/bitcoin 30 minutes ago
A routine multisig-protected job in Rein, the experimental decentralized labor market
/r/bitcoin 56 minutes ago
Yuan Collapse: "Fasten Your Seatbelts": Kyle Bass Previews The Collapse Of China's $34 Trillion Banking Sector
/r/bitcoin 56 minutes ago
$30,000 up for grabs awaiting a blockchain based solution
/r/bitcoin 56 minutes ago
Bitcoin @ the Smithsonian Museum of American History
/r/bitcoin 56 minutes ago
Bitcoin is the answer, not gold - here's why.
/r/bitcoin 2 hours 1 minute ago
The Art of Subversion consists of 4 phases: Demoralization, Destabilization, Crisis, and Normalization. In your opinion, does the Bitcoin community face subversive forces, and if so, what stage are we in?
/r/bitcoin 2 hours 20 minutes ago

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