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Blok #458202

Jumlah Transaksi 2565
Output Total 33,094.5721356 BTC
Perkiraan Volume Transaksi 2,874.16449035 BTC
Biaya transaksi 2.01298188 BTC
Ketinggian 458202 (Rantai utama)
Stempel waktu 2017-03-21 04:32:07
Diterima pada Waktu 2017-03-21 04:32:07
Relay oleh GBMiners
Kesulitan 475,705,205,061.63
Bits 402804657
Ukuran 999.173 kB
Berat 3996.44 kWU
Versi 0x20000000
Nonce 3885166138
Ganjaran blok 12.5 BTC
Hash 00000000000000000193089e25f334d605b0d3afce6256e07e1b0c3a89c3cb20
Block Sebelumnya 00000000000000000106b56739850a06d601d9b97d34c613ea5b04164c01b10d
Block (s) Selanjutnya 000000000000000000c1ded035dd56a4b770d59f1d79ab02cb7677e897ac5276
Akar Merkle


00d8c7d760e007359c7de0c43d3964b12af0abeba22f531f1a1480974352da99 2017-03-21 04:32:07
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