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Hauteur Âge Transactions Total envoyé Relayé par Taille (kB)
409987 13 minutes 784 5,830.45 BTC BW.COM 397.83
409986 18 minutes 944 16,890.72 BTC F2Pool 791.29
409985 24 minutes 447 6,726.88 BTC BTCC Pool 461.14
409984 26 minutes 1777 12,380.23 BTC F2Pool 999.81
409983 37 minutes 332 2,622.72 BTC F2Pool 172.77
409982 39 minutes 987 5,531.86 BTC AntPool 898.73
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c1c672783117dc95ffa176f47... < 1 minute
1b591d40f1603b6d8b3cc993f... < 1 minute
15f9e27224195990c7c9046d9... < 1 minute
8d20247652f19b0a59156efe3... < 1 minute
2275ed950cbfcd0d672dc1127... < 1 minute
83288904f616fea1f77f89015... < 1 minute
0b55a565173d25b5d7b953eee... < 1 minute
fe569afbaf03140541d7a9a7d... < 1 minute
14ccda1ed77d4c82367e5d66d... < 1 minute
7c6984abd88d9634eff6810b5... < 1 minute


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Magnr - Bitcoin Trading Platform | Trade with Leverage
Magnr < 1 minute Il ya
Charles L. Evans, Federal Reserve Bank Of Chicago: "It's hard to imagine a currency controlled by a complex code only understood by a few, controlled by even fewer, without accountability, arbitration or recourse." You just described the Federal Reserve!
/r/bitcoin 4 minutes Il ya
If Peter Todd is wrong, his commit perms should be removed!
/r/btc 37 minutes Il ya
Dear Craig, you're unable to scam reddit. We're disorganised infighting rabble, but we're the ultimate bullshit detectors.
/r/bitcoin 37 minutes Il ya
Gavin Andresen interviewed about Craig Wright as Satoshi Nakamoto (video)
/r/btc 45 minutes Il ya
“It’s certainly possible I was bamboozled,” Andresen says.
/r/bitcoin 1 hour 45 minutes Il ya
Bitcoin Price Technical Analysis for 05/03/2016 – How Low Can Bears Go?
newsBTC 1 hour 46 minutes Il ya
Bitcoin Price Technical Analysis for 05/03/2016 – How Low Can Bears Go?
newsBTC 1 hour 46 minutes Il ya
BitPay Launches Loadable Visa
Bitcoinist 1 hour 53 minutes Il ya
Bitcoin Market OpenBazaar Sweeps 2016 Blockchain Awards
CoinDesk 2 hours 15 minutes Il ya
Antonopoulos Declined ‘Opportunity’ to Identify Satoshi and Doesn’t Care 2 hours 33 minutes Il ya
Uri Geller fooled a team of scientists in a "controlled" environment. It looks like Gavin and John might have fallen for old school magic misdirection of some type.
/r/bitcoin 3 hours 5 minutes Il ya
Why Craig Wright Is Not Satoshi Nakamoto
CoinTelegraph 3 hours 59 minutes Il ya
Who Created Bitcoin? The Long Search May Not Be Over
ABC News 4 hours 8 minutes Il ya
Charlie Sheen could play Satoshi Nakamoto, if Craig Wright is the creator of Bitcoin
/r/bitcoin 4 hours 13 minutes Il ya

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