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Taille Âge Transactions Total émis Relayée par Taille (ko)
378157 5 minutes 2294 11,511.51 BTC F2Pool 884.12
378156 27 minutes 510 2,979.23 BTC AntPool 907.6
378155 30 minutes 840 4,793.47 BTC BW.COM 376.05
378154 38 minutes 2220 16,706.20 BTC F2Pool 940.12
378153 56 minutes 1631 10,727.11 BTC F2Pool 970.06
378152 1 hour 6 minutes 1630 15,293.24 BTC BTCChina Pool 926.89
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77ed3323ed381b1c23dde4714... < 1 minute
dc6e234354038af00266dab42... < 1 minute
a0fa9c797541ac1c412db1e1f... < 1 minute
cbac8aa13caf3c1d61fabf1bb... < 1 minute
ca6f89c1391b6864d969f233d... < 1 minute
e4a3551e0743d0d30ac08317c... < 1 minute
1efbebb20b84ca7575e8175bc... < 1 minute
fe95a64ef110c9a322b795e09... < 1 minute
9cc06fab16a91383712a7fd3d... < 1 minute
1624c0b74a8fb738145501033... < 1 minute


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