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349869 14 minutes 688 4,892.31 BTC Slush 329.04
349868 27 minutes 779 2,677.99 BTC GHash.IO 296.77
349867 35 minutes 1038 7,383.65 BTC BTCChina Pool 581.18
349866 57 minutes 174 547.97 BTC F2Pool 97.48
349865 58 minutes 557 3,475.11 BTC 282.15
349864 1 hour 8 minutes 1200 6,650.58 BTC KnCMiner 571.7
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85e05556a75ffa3c6f8913f27... < 1 minute
b56be00d8a444c20fe9b6f53d... < 1 minute
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ab236bf69a790cc5fe2f68c9e... < 1 minute
836d1342e78476bfd05a332a5... < 1 minute


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