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Hauteur Âge Transactions Total envoyé Relayé par Taille (kB)
410358 13 minutes 1002 9,692.48 BTC F2Pool 456.04
410357 17 minutes 190 616.40 BTC AntPool 99.95
410356 17 minutes 1260 14,184.95 BTC F2Pool 545.66
410355 23 minutes 1783 12,284.13 BTC F2Pool 999.92
410354 31 minutes 1518 7,816.98 BTC F2Pool 999.98
410353 34 minutes 2709 24,414.53 BTC F2Pool 999.97
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182dc5549d8f32ed9949225d6... < 1 minute
fe4278c20505b8b361f59f0d0... < 1 minute
0de075bd902c22ddf07dfd57d... < 1 minute
e377395703de35960c2970be4... < 1 minute
869883ee90fbd0cf272552a80... < 1 minute
69300b2010852af3768b88c6e... < 1 minute
4f1cfe642217e6d372975f58c... < 1 minute
6595559ad4127f74e47d7051f... < 1 minute
540e6d931de896c02d2cd6bfb... < 1 minute
725a9678248fb1c401bc28a6f... < 1 minute


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It was all an elaborate plot to make around 20 bucks! :-)
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"Please, I am a recluse, leave me alone. But if you do write, here are several high definition photos taken at professional photo shoots."
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