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Height Age Transactions Total Sent Relayed By Size (kB)
398438 8 minutes 2690 43,541.05 BTC BitFury 972.85
398437 46 minutes 1297 11,762.88 BTC AntPool 731.56
398436 55 minutes 680 6,082.34 BTC F2Pool 458.08
398435 52 minutes 1694 14,975.64 BTC F2Pool 964.82
398434 1 hour 11 minutes 2284 19,097.09 BTC BitFury 972.69
398433 1 hour 29 minutes 353 3,578.87 BTC BitFury 174.88
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0d36746db1abd1b624a030722... < 1 minute
386fe145635b3a2864048f7d9... < 1 minute
affe55469079a8fc483c7e974... < 1 minute
0d0538d7620b5e747b500b5e0... < 1 minute
2ca58462dbf97ea859d20a5bd... < 1 minute
055d127978cf2ccda89a9cb0b... < 1 minute
e4d0fdf2b0ed4e2c0131151d5... < 1 minute
508789981ed2da9d339460999... < 1 minute
0132e9412df6725569ef233a9... < 1 minute


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Get up to 14% APR Investing your Bitcoins in P2P loans with BTCJam.com
BTCJam < 1 minute ago
Bitcoin Halving Now Less Than 5 Months. 72% of all BTC mined already. Current Inflation Rate Drops to 12.5 BTC Every 10 Min. Instead of 25 BTC.
/r/bitcoin 7 minutes ago
Interest in the Bitcoin in Venezuela according to google trends
/r/bitcoin 7 minutes ago
Raising the Blocksize limit to 2MB will not result in a fork. A fork only happens if the coordinated upgrade required fails. If everyone upgrades together, no fork occurs. The 75% threshold ensures everyone upgrades together.
/r/btc 15 minutes ago
Royal Bank of Canada Expands Blockchain Testing Beyond Loyalty
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Here's what the future of bitcoin looks like -- and it's bright | VentureBeat
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Armory dead? have Paper backup - what now
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We interviewed Noel Lovisa, the Founder of Code Valley, and he educates us on the industrialization of software. And, Tony Swish stops by.
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hellobitcoinworld - "Pre-consensus" and Bitcoin Classic (a message to the entire Bitcoin community) [Audio Blog]
/r/btc 46 minutes ago
Question: Looking at an all time graph of "number of daily bitcoin transactions". Is this IRL? Is there really five times the trade in bitcoin that there was 3 years ago? Or is there something technical going on that makes it look bigger than it is?
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Hedge Funds, Blockchain and the Move Toward a More Efficient Market
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Democratic Consensus in Bitcoin Makes Blockchain Split Unlikely
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New Milford Pair Arrested In Bitcoin Scam
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Martin Shkreli has everything under control: "I've gotten in touch with Sitoshi (Bitcoin's creator) and he's agreed to help me get my money back. I always win."
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How do you build a custom BATM?
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