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Height Age Transactions Total Sent Relayed By Size (kB)
410585 26 minutes 1586 10,345.72 BTC BW.COM 725.13
410584 37 minutes 1 25.00 BTC BW.COM 0.23
410583 41 minutes 142 454.47 BTC KnCMiner 96.49
410582 39 minutes 822 5,354.14 BTC F2Pool 926.38
410581 41 minutes 3373 26,362.44 BTC F2Pool 999.92
410580 1 hour 17 minutes 297 2,155.06 BTC F2Pool 152.79
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ed84a06fa4c893bb6100e9fbe... < 1 minute
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Magnr - Bitcoin Trading Platform | Trade with Leverage
Magnr < 1 minute ago
Strange edits on Craig Wright's Wikipedia page made two days before the revelation, from an IP address in Barbados (possibly made by Craig himself?)
/r/bitcoin 26 minutes ago
Alex Petrov of Bitfury tweeted a graph showing a reduction in orphan rate in the last months - here's the corrected version , with Unlimited Xtreme Thinblocks added
/r/btc 56 minutes ago
If Craig Wright was trying to hoax everyone, why didn't he just say he lost the key(s) somehow?
/r/btc 1 hour 5 minutes ago
Talking to Canadians about Dollars and Bitcoins
/r/bitcoin 1 hour 23 minutes ago
Noise in the Markets, and Bitcoin’s ‘Creator’ Surfaces – Podcast
WSJ BitBeat 1 hour 36 minutes ago
Panama Papers Source Offers Documents To Governments, Hints At More To Come
/r/btc 2 hours 12 minutes ago
Cryptocurrency Company DNotes Launches Kickstarter Campaign for the New Book “The Four Pillars of Business Success” In the Spirit of ‘Small Business Week’
Bitcoin Warrior 2 hours 18 minutes ago
Emercoin Added to Microsoft Azure Platform
Bitcoinist 2 hours 26 minutes ago
Mycelium and Waves platform announce a strategic partnership
/r/bitcoin 2 hours 28 minutes ago
Bitcoin has a governance problem, no matter who created it
/r/btc 2 hours 36 minutes ago
"John Doe" (source of the Panama Papers) manifesto: "The next revolution will be digitized"
/r/bitcoin 2 hours 50 minutes ago
Mycelium and Waves platform announce a strategic partnership
/r/btc 3 hours ago
Last batch of BitMain AntMiner S7 was released for a fraction of initial price
/r/btc 3 hours ago
Time to stop the Gavin's commit access drama.
/r/btc 3 hours 10 minutes ago

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