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Height 513200 (Main chain)
Hash 000000000000000000503454d1c268d76e62c119f499bf3cfccd06e1bb326c61
Previous Block 000000000000000000305f83fc73bed2d6019a8f3a4e2512a7b2d4e7f36ba075
Next Blocks 0000000000000000003dbbdfaff37617c3cab1fdb4b41c75b04acb93148e1d4e
Time 2018-03-12 15:07:57
Difficulty 3,290,605,988,755
Bits 391481763
Number Of Transactions 1457
Output Total 9,978.30998093 BTC
Estimated Transaction Volume 468.34650305 BTC
Size 1062.583 KB
Version 0x20000000
Merkle Root 893bafd3405cd39aadce699fde3cd9a57343fab2760c103ec1a7c7ff387e5210
Nonce 1424709751
Block Reward 12.5 BTC
Transaction Fees 0.46434065 BTC