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Chiều cao Lứa tuổi giao dịch Tổng số gửi chuyển tiếp Bằng Kích thước (kB)
442086 28 minutes 1917 4,245.67 BTC BW.COM 997.98
442085 32 minutes 3192 3,988.86 BTC AntPool 998.14
442084 32 minutes 1836 5,805.96 BTC BTCC Pool 998.88
442083 33 minutes 1546 8,119.95 BTC BW.COM 998.1
442082 38 minutes 2211 12,608.99 BTC AntPool 998.04
442081 43 minutes 1956 14,986.70 BTC ViaBTC 999.17
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055b6d6129dd425e219636924... < 1 minute
5c2fa8acd327436dfe628b90e... < 1 minute
0df025424242d7a4f5e33603e... < 1 minute
2483838afdce860ba168fb4ce... < 1 minute
568163354d68a24329f529df9... < 1 minute
e28e88e6758f11455733c53ac... < 1 minute
efa9880197047b2b41ffa0c3a... < 1 minute
0a7fd5967e6e8587c59ac9320... < 1 minute
6c0c2fd2499d6f19a896ec899... < 1 minute
f36186976cc6b96b92d6eeccc... < 1 minute

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