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Chiều cao Lứa tuổi giao dịch Tổng số gửi chuyển tiếp Bằng Kích thước (kB)
422316 15 minutes 2531 35,829.29 BTC ViaBTC 998.18
422315 17 minutes 2064 55,174.09 BTC F2Pool 999.93
422314 41 minutes 2291 42,594.70 BTC BitClub Network 997.94
422313 1 hour 3 minutes 2031 40,618.64 BTC BitFury 998.05
422312 1 hour 40 minutes 1507 19,995.03 BTC F2Pool 952.32
422311 1 hour 42 minutes 2112 39,458.06 BTC BW.COM 997.91
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0328e101d2b166d23a327502c... < 1 minute
82abcf26c6ae8a25916d64f5d... < 1 minute
6a3c4ac8821ae8fa4507546cd... < 1 minute
0b0aa67c16476c469307cbb1b... < 1 minute
ec0a2386bb24b1e81094edd08... < 1 minute
1ec0138c7343b34b204eb5963... < 1 minute
7d2efd0aa0e868185ac30b486... < 1 minute
708fc1021d7521e9aff364f29... < 1 minute
dc2c49a1bdd7f487ed83ec2fa... < 1 minute
9f08327b1368e40ea406feace... < 1 minute

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