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441872 1 minute 831 4,927.10 BTC F2Pool 999.83
441871 3 minutes 1906 12,313.87 BTC BTCC Pool 998.83
441870 8 minutes 2377 10,360.48 BTC F2Pool 1,000
441869 19 minutes 3324 17,244.44 BTC AntPool 998.14
441868 38 minutes 2386 18,458.79 BTC SlushPool 998.06
441867 54 minutes 2989 11,779.01 BTC BitFury 998.12
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Magnr - Bitcoin Trading Platform | Trade with Leverage
Magnr 1 minute önce
I made a cold storage device with the secret key laser engraved on a hidden titanium ring and I was curious if an X-ray would reveal the key. Here we see such a radiograph/x-ray, and I don't see any secret key
/r/bitcoin 4 minutes önce
Weekly LocalBitcoins Volume In India Doubles Amid Currency And Gold Crackdown
newsBTC 12 minutes önce
G Maxwell is this actually you?
/r/bitcoin 40 minutes önce
How to buy overwatch with BTC wallet?
/r/bitcoin 57 minutes önce
Podcast: Jack Tatar - A Jack of All Trades
CoinTelegraph 1 hour 25 minutes önce
No news from devs does not mean nothing is happening
/r/bitcoin 1 hour 30 minutes önce
Demonetization Accelerates Fintech Development in India
newsBTC 1 hour 42 minutes önce
Core is working on a 2mb hardfork proposal, testing is in progress! Amazing news!
/r/btc 1 hour 56 minutes önce
The good and bad of segwit
/r/bitcoin 2 hours 13 minutes önce
In theory, who ever wrote the code for Breadwallet could have the ability to steal all your bitcoins.
/r/bitcoin 2 hours 40 minutes önce
India hits ATH for bitcoins traded in local currency on localbitcoins. With the recent news about banning physical gold, it should go up even more.
/r/bitcoin 2 hours 56 minutes önce
Core is working on a 2mb hardfork proposal, testing is in progress! Amazing news!
/r/bitcoin 3 hours 5 minutes önce
Fedora Receives Its Own Electrum Bitcoin Wallet Client
newsBTC 3 hours 42 minutes önce
Tomorrow is the vote in Italy to change its constitution and
/r/bitcoin 3 hours 48 minutes önce

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