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Numer bloku Czas Transakcje Całkowicie przesłano Przekazane przez Rozmiar (kB)
331674 5 minutes 241 1,886.10 BTC GHash.IO 145.46
331673 10 minutes 1135 13,677.54 BTC GHash.IO 618.74
331672 35 minutes 671 68,361.26 BTC 403.91
331671 48 minutes 175 977.55 BTC Discus Fish 110.75
331670 52 minutes 424 2,145.61 BTC Discus Fish 222.71
331669 1 hour 2 minutes 242 1,309.87 BTC Slush 119.64
Ostatnie Transakcje
1f7eb5eea97168d4e10fd577a... < 1 minute
821d7a59df50f9735fe27aed1... < 1 minute
29da7444cc1e23e37ba7b44c9... < 1 minute
b63817e68830d305a461d1ec2... < 1 minute
4e308ecbc1a49a7e9e8bf6334... < 1 minute
77969e4b7641d467a617ac557... < 1 minute
8c8fcfa663346b1c7d28731a3... < 1 minute
5604cd3a2974eab7aca23129e... < 1 minute
7572d49b882d69f265d79503f... < 1 minute
7600d076c043f10bde0e6a34c... < 1 minute


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