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Height Age Transactions Total Sent Relayed By Size (kB)
422895 6 minutes 1782 10,346.32 BTC BW.COM 998.04
422894 9 minutes 2592 21,888.67 BTC HaoBTC 998.11
422893 21 minutes 1957 24,730.74 BTC BTCC Pool 998.04
422892 33 minutes 2758 33,112.83 BTC BW.COM 998.23
422891 53 minutes 2419 22,895.64 BTC BitFury 998.09
422890 1 hour 8 minutes 2693 23,839.64 BTC Slush 997.96
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b390f9e1d592e3054b69e17d5... < 1 minute
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7b393f97eadf779d843a758fd... < 1 minute
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3deca9cd8f2df3a371c2df1b4... < 1 minute
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Magnr - Bitcoin Trading Platform | Trade with Leverage
Magnr 1 minute ago
What happened to Andreas, why he changed so much to GMax?
/r/btc 17 minutes ago
Bitcoin mining being featured on Viceland television right now
/r/btc 17 minutes ago
My coffee don't taste no more
/r/btc 17 minutes ago
How the Great Schism Can End Well for Ethereum One (Part 1 of 3)
Bitcoin Magazine 24 minutes ago
Japanese Banks Move towards Bitcoin after Brexit
/r/bitcoin 50 minutes ago
Gary Johnson Would "Look Seriously At" Pardoning Ross Ulbricht, Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning
CoinTelegraph 58 minutes ago
A clear example of post ordering manipulation (a form of censorship).
/r/btc 1 hour 1 minute ago
Scam coins just reached a whole new level folks. Introducing the real Satoshi Nakamoto (/s)....
/r/btc 1 hour 1 minute ago
What are the official positions on hard forking from the Unlimited and Classic teams?
/r/btc 1 hour 1 minute ago
Andreas: "I would set block size limit, but only temporarily. Miners will adjust dynamically"
/r/btc 1 hour 9 minutes ago
cnLedger: "Andreas: The market decided to strongly support Core. If Core fails to provide good soft, it'll be replaced"
/r/btc 1 hour 17 minutes ago
Truth and justice are the core tenets of blockchain, not immutability. Immutability may serve the principles of truth and justice, but immutability for its own sake is not the core principle of blockchain.
/r/btc 1 hour 34 minutes ago
luke-jr is working very hard on that hard fork code . when he's not playing pokemon go . seriously .
/r/btc 2 hours 28 minutes ago
Living with a Bitcoin debit card
/r/bitcoin 2 hours 28 minutes ago

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