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321878 1 minute 99 438.77 BTC Discus Fish 77.85
321877 2 minutes 192 658.83 BTC Discus Fish 130.61
321876 7 minutes 892 5,164.06 BTC Slush 731.53
321875 24 minutes 600 2,320.30 BTC Discus Fish 585.81
321874 38 minutes 293 1,814.95 BTC 200.50
321873 43 minutes 251 716.58 BTC 186.25
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The Next Big Boost for Bitcoin Mining: Oil Immersion Cooling
Green Revolution Cooling < 1 minute ago
Oh how the mighty have fallen
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[presentation] The role of Bitcoin's popularity in the context of economic crisis - Adam Cleary, Bullion Bitcoin, CEO
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Just in case the price will eventually rise: Don't miss the short squeeze fireworks at Bitfinex (10k in BTC swaps there). It will be nice to watch.
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Where is the protocols of bitcoins stored?
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Tired! just make some magic bitcoin!
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Buy Bitcoin on BTC-E and sale on Coinbase???
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Just had someone being up BTC to me & was surprised at how poorly prepared I was to assist.
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I've written draft 1 of a white paper for an internet sharing app built on top of Bitcoin. Please read, give feedback & send pull requests.
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US Inequality: The Causes (Infographic)
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Anyone know what this is? Taken from my apartment near Madison/28th street in New York
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Newbie question. My sister lives in USA, and I live in Russia. She doesn't know whether she should keep her funds in CoinBase.
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BitOcean Releases Two-Way Kiosks to Compete with Bitcoin ATM Market Leaders
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