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Height Age Transactions Total Sent Relayed By Size (kB)
317122 2 minutes 192 709.59 BTC OzCoin 145.59
317121 5 minutes 370 937.75 BTC Unknown with 1AcAj9p Address 181.73
317120 16 minutes 306 797.59 BTC Unknown with 1BX5YoL Address 228.76
317119 25 minutes 125 2,440.96 BTC GHash.IO 63.93
317118 28 minutes 487 1,028.05 BTC 303.61
317117 27 minutes 512 12,920.81 BTC 145.93
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0b744d525c5b007d753cb30ea3096efbf78a99b1f26ad5e3d0c0cd925ec7cb07 (SatoshiBONES 50pct ) < 1 minute
1278ff3f29417877a6be80a94... < 1 minute
0b2a17106d43d63edd7db2db9... < 1 minute
bfee7e213b21c29e76687bda1... < 1 minute
13a5c8b454c76260c76ec4f73... < 1 minute
6e8a5ff19dfa8f25cdc73964a... < 1 minute
e8f2ea1530d12680443086277... < 1 minute
a1a0f0fa55c9c9d94207e5e0e... < 1 minute
741eb27ef366a6cb50372aa35... < 1 minute
55f8d1e74f2ec57620dab4bbd... < 1 minute


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BTCJam < 1 minute ago
Circle is just plain amazing, the web UI is snappier than Coinbase, and everything is faster.
Reddit 24 minutes ago
Coinbase still doesn't give a fuck about the sochi, enjoy addresses. Displays all transactions, EVERY SINGLE TIME and there still is no way to hide it.
Reddit 35 minutes ago
Progress of Bitcoins in US
Reddit 43 minutes ago
Ninki Wallet is now in Beta on MainNet (Sign up and I'll send you coin)
Reddit 43 minutes ago
To be clear: An unfavorable ruling by the European Court of Justice regarding VAT and Bitcoin would make accepting Bitcoins for merchants in the EU around 20 % more expensive than other payment solutions.
Reddit 1 hour 34 minutes ago
Switzerland phases out financial secrecy
Reddit 1 hour 42 minutes ago
I LOVE that our community is demanding proof of reserves; Fractional reserve banking is the reason we have booms that benefit the super rich, and busts that destroy the lives of the poor and middle class.
Reddit 1 hour 50 minutes ago
[Bitcoin Today] Saturday, August 23, 2014
Reddit 2 hours 35 minutes ago
Mining Roundup: Rigs for Home Heating and a Bitcoin Backbone
CoinDesk 2 hours 36 minutes ago
Bitcoin Breaking News: Bitcoins Used For Bowl Game Sponsorship
Tech News 3 hours 15 minutes ago
The Origin of Money and Its Value - Robert P. Murphy
Reddit 3 hours 36 minutes ago
Storj Crowdsale Ends, Users to be Rewarded
CoinTelegraph 3 hours 45 minutes ago
NSA and GCHQ agents 'leak Tor bugs', alleges developer
Reddit 3 hours 52 minutes ago
Fatal Encounters accepts Bitcoin donations, a site for tracking deadly police shootings
Reddit 3 hours 52 minutes ago

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