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296324 7 minutes 485 2,015.64 BTC GHash.IO 264.57
296323 14 minutes 256 3,717.92 BTC 86.83
296322 16 minutes 640 4,112.51 BTC BTC Guild 371.34
296321 31 minutes 54 1,564.89 BTC Eligius 106.58
296320 33 minutes 35 2,754.26 BTC GHash.IO 10.94
296319 34 minutes 668 6,430.47 BTC GHash.IO 304.76
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Revolutionary Multi Pool Pro launched by GHash.IO. Everyone is welcome!
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Bitcoin is Not True Money, Says Former Republican Presidential Candidate Ron Paul
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Ron Carver: Exposing Secret Trade Pacts
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BTC and GTC casino starting. Investors welcome
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Man School Show now accepts bitcoin donations!
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Just launched: Peer-reviewed journal special issue on P2P value, currency, crypto, etc. Scholars write about Reddit Karma, Bitcoin and more!
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Blockchain and Bitcoin Foundation unveil inaugural Blockchain Awards
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I've been spending bitcoins online for a few years now but tonight I made my first brick and mortar purchase. Exciting times.
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Just woke up from Trading all night :D Any reason why price is $490 ?
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eBay to allow settlements in crypto
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china playing with us
[Bitcoin Discus] 1 hour 12 minutes ago
How do we not have a single user in China who can actually provide real news? All we have is small quotes with shitty translations. Stop spreading FUD.
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Is This the Most Expensive Thing You Can Buy With Bitcoin?
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Cryptocurrency Trading News: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin Falls Marginally; Blackcoin Roars
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