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Height Age Transactions Total Sent Relayed By Size (kB)
422965 2 minutes 675 8,458.06 BTC AntPool 998.01
422964 4 minutes 1715 18,401.13 BTC Slush 998.09
422963 19 minutes 16 113.96 BTC AntPool 7.04
422962 19 minutes 1600 21,689.40 BTC BitFury 998.11
422961 30 minutes 1711 22,435.72 BTC BTCC Pool 915.86
422960 44 minutes 376 7,242.31 BTC F2Pool 171.24
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f262190e28e134e7dc4fefdb6... < 1 minute
2b29701a4718a74dcb9c3f6c1... < 1 minute


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Magnr - Bitcoin Trading Platform | Trade with Leverage
Magnr < 1 minute ago
The Crypto Commute allows you to listen to readings of the latest news from around the bitcoin community for the times when you are driving or just too busy to sit down and read. Here is the first story:
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TIL /r/bitcoin/ Magic Internet Money is a GIF reply choice on Twitter
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Bitcoin Price Weekly Analysis –Recent BTC/USD Slide Looks Dangerous
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Coinbase Withdrawal "Pending" but not showing in block explorers
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Pokemon Go'esque "Takara" bitcoin geocaching - Treasure hunt
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Let us revisit the two types of central planning, the good kind vs the bad...
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kanzure on Twitter: Typed 19,490 words today. Short break for now. #bitcoin
/r/btc 52 minutes ago
(serious) We should start our own independent nation, we have the capital.
/r/btc 52 minutes ago
How I can Buy bitcoin in Paraguay
/r/bitcoin 52 minutes ago
(serious) We should start our own independent nation, we have the capital.
/r/bitcoin 1 hour 9 minutes ago
The Fed/FOMC holds meetings to decide on money supply. Core/Blockstream & Chinese miners now hold meetings to decide on money velocity. Both are centralized decision-making. Both are the wrong approach.
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Ethereum Price Weekly Analysis – Double Top Looming?
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The Issue with Bitcoin
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Cobra Bitcoin at it again, supports removing Coinbase from
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