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Height Age Transactions Total Sent Relayed By Size (kB)
417882 12 minutes 1698 15,558.99 BTC Slush 770.27
417881 24 minutes 1044 8,093.75 BTC AntPool 998.15
417880 31 minutes 1454 19,152.16 BTC F2Pool 999.86
417879 33 minutes 2247 18,580.13 BTC AntPool 998.13
417878 44 minutes 2550 42,856.52 BTC AntPool 998.18
417877 1 hour 19 minutes 639 5,309.98 BTC Slush 259.95
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f713da671ee42c12c7b580006... < 1 minute
1b1b080e500dcf266860b4b92... < 1 minute
f9cccee52dc174f6f8fd23ce4... < 1 minute
bfa41119ed697b615b4dce312... < 1 minute
d1c6bd060fffc11898377e1d5... < 1 minute
5ddfe25913efc6c2210b1e347... < 1 minute
0944b2d659e1d3cd97f1708a6... < 1 minute
5493cf859ca53eae03fd38841... < 1 minute
e223430fd97d54d5b7f9b641e... < 1 minute
0b150a6565a512465146f52c3... < 1 minute


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Bitcoin Price Chart overlaid with Google Trends for bitcoin?
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Global stock markets lost about $2 trillion in value on Friday after Britain voted to leave the European Union, while sterling suffered a record one-day plunge to a 31-year low and money poured into safe-haven gold and government bonds.
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Short term: Volatile- That's why it's best to HODL. 3-5 years, BTC will be much higher than it is right now and honestly 3-5 years will go by very fast, especially if your an older gent/ gal.
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