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418076 4 minutes 455 4,078.40 BTC HaoBTC 997.63
418075 7 minutes 223 584.76 BTC HaoBTC 988.39
418074 8 minutes 857 6,466.63 BTC BW.COM 345.76
418073 15 minutes 750 4,574.01 BTC Unknown 997.6
418072 20 minutes 643 3,662.83 BTC F2Pool 988.72
418071 23 minutes 2038 17,343.41 BTC BTCC Pool 997.35
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Magnr - Bitcoin Trading Platform | Trade with Leverage
Magnr 1 minute ago
World Economic Forum on Twitter: "I think the world’s GDP in the future will be based on bitcoin: Chandler Guo #wef #futureinvest"
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Worldcore Adds Bitcoin as Payment Option for Account Top-Up
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Taiwan Turning Out to Be a Bitcoin Tourist Destination - NEWSBTC
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Jeff Garzik: "[...] the idea of a small, focused, #bitcoin-only marketing org is still quite useful."
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How to start Bitcoin?
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Datavetaren on Twitter: "As long as Internet exists #bitcoin will have value. Next Q is how much. How much worth is an immutable database?"
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aantonop "Feel free to drop the 500 year old tradition if it doesn't serve you, feel free to sacrifice the sacred cows of accounting, law, justice, law enforcement, economics and computer science if they do not serve you!
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Bitcoin VS Ethereum: Cryptocurrency Comparison
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The best drug related BTC quote of all time! "I would argue that if you cant buy drugs with your money, then its not actually money!" - Andreas Antonopoulos
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Question from a reporter for
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1Broker: We have migrated to a new Bitcoin daemon - Check your deposit addresses!
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Fixing Bitcoin's Big UX Problem
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Balaji Srinivasan: The Machine Payable Web
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