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Tinggi Usia Transaksi Jumlah Terkirim Disampaikan oleh Ukuran (kB)
326120 < 1 minute 128 5,095.42 BTC Polmine 37.98
326119 14 minutes 117 640.21 BTC GHash.IO 72.51
326118 16 minutes 204 1,783.90 BTC BTC Guild 123.73
326117 17 minutes 1 25.00 BTC Discus Fish 0.25
326116 22 minutes 908 5,149.94 BTC GHash.IO 320.61
326115 25 minutes 492 4,183.03 BTC GHash.IO 337.66
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b10423d74b554ebc093e5588f... < 1 minute
4dbdabb12960627e858681b67... < 1 minute
55bfee7266fe706d584ca8b8b... < 1 minute
c498836e5ecf982e7c536dcc2... < 1 minute
98aae55e599d3fa56adb366f8... < 1 minute
80732b30424cfc3624c9501eb... < 1 minute
a1dc14628e09e667ba55a9821... < 1 minute
1f81fb8ce7560d080f09a6d84... < 1 minute
d0447f8e9fe95ff47c95c6fbf... < 1 minute
5d5998a4c5fc826e4f87468b7... < 1 minute


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