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327834 16 minutes 970 5,872.81 BTC KnCMiner 412.58
327833 32 minutes 285 2,266.75 BTC 130.97
327832 29 minutes 16 152.72 BTC Polmine 8.63
327831 38 minutes 631 2,416.32 BTC Discus Fish 302.04
327830 49 minutes 467 2,069.01 BTC 243.73
327829 55 minutes 235 940.70 BTC 130.5
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4b52de4752438484a740a37bc... < 1 minute
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Invest BTC in peer-to-peer loans and get 19% APR with
BTCJam < 1 minute Il ya
I would literally rather destroy 100% of my bitcoins than submit to any regulation or destruction of privacy/liberty
Reddit 15 minutes Il ya
A New Era for the Bitcoin Foundation: Matonis Passes the Torch to Patrick Murck
CoinTelegraph 32 minutes Il ya
Bitreserve is Open for Business
CryptoCoinsNews 38 minutes Il ya
First German Bank Hits Savers with "Negative Interest Rates". Customers are now required to pay 0.25% per year to the bank for the privilege of handing the bank their hard-earned money.
Reddit 39 minutes Il ya
Why Democrats Should Love Bitcoin
Bitcoin Magazine 53 minutes Il ya
TxtPay allows any merchant to accept Bitcoin via SMS only, with a standard cellphone. Even a street vendor or corner stand with no internet connection can now accept Bitcoin.
Reddit 1 hour 38 minutes Il ya
Company Profile: Bitspark
CoinReport 1 hour 40 minutes Il ya
Seems The Side-Chain Proposal is the Key to Preserving Bitcoin Freedom and Decentralization...Andreas explains at 43 min mark:
Reddit 1 hour 47 minutes Il ya
Poynt is looking for Bitcoin developers attending Money 20/20!
Reddit 1 hour 58 minutes Il ya
Dubai Set to Host Bitcoin Conference
CryptoCoinsNews 2 hours 6 minutes Il ya
Factom to have a working product by end of year.
Bitcoinist 2 hours 14 minutes Il ya
Australian authorities sitting on $9.6 million worth of bitcoins confiscated from Silk Road drug dealer
Reddit 3 hours 31 minutes Il ya
Bitnation decides to begin its crowd sale now and set up a multisig later.
Bitcoinist 3 hours 36 minutes Il ya
My friend just tipped $100 in bitcoin to Gold Switzerland, a wealth preservation company whose PayPal account was frozen
Reddit 4 hours 19 minutes Il ya

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