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331472 < 1 minute 266 1,763.61 BTC 138.34
331471 8 minutes 51 350.35 BTC 30.34
331470 7 minutes 460 2,000.35 BTC Discus Fish 265.64
331469 14 minutes 50 347.65 BTC P2Pool 34.73
331468 14 minutes 446 1,868.89 BTC Unknown with 1AcAj9p Address 233.23
331467 21 minutes 174 1,839.95 BTC 84.02
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44b49d16966cc52252b544c4f... < 1 minute
91a9372d260c16274ba964ec8... < 1 minute
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88ac0a7ce9afe7ef82142efa1... < 1 minute


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Finding a trusted bullion dealer who accepts Bitcoin
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Yahoo Finance: "Nadex announces its plans to launch bitcoin binary options contracts in early December, subject to filing with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission."
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The Denver Bitcoin Center has it’s Grand Opening Party.
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This is the Mozilla donation page.
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Blockchain Factory Is Creating The Tools For Today And Governmental Services For Tomorrow
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Western Union filed a copyright claim against me for posting the parody ad to my large facebook page
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An Open Letter to Overstock
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GAW Asks Community to Troll the Trolls In Deceptive "Media Blitz".
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Last Event in Russia? Bitcoin Conference Returning to Saint-Petersburg
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LastPass updates their response (they're waiting on Stripe)
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Benjamin Lawsky Leaving the New York Department of Financial Services
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