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417859 9 minutes 53 1,421.33 BTC BW.COM 22.4
417858 10 minutes 1292 11,414.18 BTC BitClub Network 998.14
417857 13 minutes 1819 4,757.96 BTC GHash.IO 998.2
417856 14 minutes 2362 32,008.13 BTC BTCC Pool 997.06
417855 37 minutes 2220 33,178.84 BTC BitFury 998.12
417854 47 minutes 2009 20,982.71 BTC BW.COM 998.12
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9d79501cb676709d243c7616e... < 1 minute
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1bfb5a53069fc3a9c8710ee63... < 1 minute
4fd4c4722c159c8b2b7bdc372... < 1 minute
9f0098601e1f68372d377e8f8... < 1 minute
5af24c9507cac85e418ace38d... < 1 minute
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76b1ef865863fce26b0a5ff06... < 1 minute
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Magnr - Bitcoin Trading Platform | Trade with Leverage
Magnr < 1 minute Il ya
How many days left until CSV activates?
/r/bitcoin 15 minutes Il ya
Global stock markets lost about $2 trillion in value on Friday after Britain voted to leave the European Union, while sterling suffered a record one-day plunge to a 31-year low and money poured into safe-haven gold and government bonds.
/r/bitcoin 17 minutes Il ya
Short term: Volatile- That's why it's best to HODL. 3-5 years, BTC will be much higher than it is right now and honestly 3-5 years will go by very fast, especially if your an older gent/ gal.
/r/bitcoin 1 hour Il ya
The DAO's Existential Crisis: Bitcoin Still Not Affected
/r/btc 1 hour 18 minutes Il ya
A possible downside of brexit: The license bitstamp received to operate in 28 EU countries only works because of the EU...
/r/btc 2 hours 8 minutes Il ya
BTC up, the rest of the world down!
/r/btc 2 hours 8 minutes Il ya
Brexit Bitcoin
/r/bitcoin 2 hours 17 minutes Il ya
You know we have new people when everyone's asking if they should start mining. Lol
/r/bitcoin 2 hours 25 minutes Il ya
Previously skeptical Wealth Management Advisor acknowledges post-Brexit, Bitcoins growing reputation as new asset class in his industry. (Voice mail left for me today).
/r/bitcoin 2 hours 33 minutes Il ya
Can these be added to the sidebar?
/r/btc 3 hours 7 minutes Il ya
Now that segwit is merged, what are some good ways to contribute to lightning development?
/r/bitcoin 3 hours 7 minutes Il ya
Brexit Was Bitcoin’s Turn to Shine
/r/bitcoin 3 hours 26 minutes Il ya
The dollar's appreciation against the euro and pound could cause China to devalue its currency, according to Jeff Kleintop, chief global investment strategist, at Charles Schwab.
/r/bitcoin 4 hours 8 minutes Il ya
Citibank technical issue. Nobody has access to their money at the moment.
/r/bitcoin 4 hours 26 minutes Il ya

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