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436332 16 minutes 358 474.83 BTC BitClub Network 998.2
436331 17 minutes 527 1,555.46 BTC AntPool 187.13
436330 20 minutes 1033 3,814.61 BTC F2Pool 460.28
436329 24 minutes 2708 16,638.88 BTC F2Pool 999.92
436328 41 minutes 1979 8,149.72 BTC F2Pool 907.79
436327 52 minutes 2348 9,791.54 BTC BitFury 998.07
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38b9432689fdb38cb0d251cf3... < 1 minute
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438dce1a004899f295caabbf1... < 1 minute
330651fdca6f00617eefdfe12... < 1 minute
41b01ff73bb00c570053636ac... < 1 minute
0860ba6b9ae2847801eb5642a... < 1 minute
4baf8955e9f7a6a2078f91df0... < 1 minute
10a1aacede1901d6fc0126c51... < 1 minute
07c683b94fef7775a213e554b... < 1 minute


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