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323236 2 minutes 512 2,912.29 BTC Polmine 209.76
323235 16 minutes 728 10,372.92 BTC KnCMiner 502.53
323234 26 minutes 750 4,626.42 BTC Discus Fish 607.74
323233 36 minutes 994 4,574.73 BTC KnCMiner 731.54
323232 37 minutes 2067 11,534.87 BTC GHash.IO 731.62
323231 1 hour 27 minutes 210 1,209.15 BTC Slush 161.29
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dcb449270d5ca7ae26175b350... < 1 minute
6316e7eaa3e3766e3fe1b5648... < 1 minute
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898633ac6d7e3eb154f59b342... < 1 minute
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15959f5460c04627556fe0ab4... < 1 minute
ef210eb31a84604a6f97128cd... < 1 minute


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