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b30679bf3c688ad8f8b674a25c33399be23234934a488c04b8666f9486c1e5f3 2014-09-04 23:50:50
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06ab77420f52b545dac0c9e488822d0852384a769fa826d5b4a6d06de599c547 2014-08-23 20:16:43
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ebe2844ece6856fd77aa82d3c07466e1e320e88e19ca9b85ab42afe3bd8cf874 2014-07-03 05:37:28
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Public Note: What???? WTF???? This website shows: How to clone, copy and replicate BTC????? WTF??? It works?? Or fake? ???
46c87c8312edf95a95414a00ae43b799f4337de10e5b771d79e40ffbb21fdeed 2014-06-25 23:14:16
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Public Note: What the shit is going on? how this guy is cloning bitcoins? Can someone explain this? How it works? Send me a PM or note!!PLS!
ef19adb872fd875133afc82f1ca262d6f050a2d36ecfbac3a2506b31343863d5 2014-06-25 22:56:20
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e14164765c1f541ef74fe169929b6ecc7c2f4acb9dfaff8a430d507e6b1490de 2014-06-16 05:56:14
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Public Note: Help me, I am addicted to the hokey pokey, please donate to 1HxsR3gxxhc1exrL7KaQ5mcTZxkSnNqgED and maybe I can turn myself around.
58dd254ff9306a460ad0801e9f09968596f2e7706b1b15413d0e68c69f2b6a6c 2014-06-14 12:40:39
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Public Note: lampe, weil sie lampt !
aa7ac226f274013972434c9a797b1b08eadf9c7d8d797d40cf1907e34bcc7575 2014-06-13 19:45:55
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Public Note: history 101, this went down and I was here to watch... DANIMAL
f53bf001e8c5d8bd1b11b30fb055b8417874866d2e26cf36b8b3f9bbf793eaba 2014-06-13 04:18:30
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Public Note: Working in a Hollywood bitcoin movie. Already preparing the movie script. Support it!
8a1316c8924a4534a12a05d98bd788a150f53fca55b74ae2d553a78e41875806 2014-06-13 01:57:00
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7ecad9a3e67bebda52c0bdafb53863938b86e30e58eb179aec747903b50baa2d 2014-06-12 18:26:11
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1Ez69SnzzmePmZX3WpEzMKTrcBF2gpNQ55 (US Marshal Auction coins ) 29,658.7984 BTC
eddd12d6ec8c83505c0f766ba38830d275f4deb7334f92812422f7828c8a30ae 2014-05-04 06:21:24
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Public Note: I am a great person, but just had a very tough life so far.Nothing seems to work for me.Plz donate to my projects and help me make this world a better place.Thanks for making my dreams come true.Love you all.Plz send to: 1DoNATEEfRxD138DumZzwjAa2y8QSr86Uk
27c508c2e2edcf5a9de363d5907fcfda8948684a395e99340aa08c8b2f8934d2 2014-04-26 04:24:31
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5efac3e142a3dfd083a5573bef3a3a6d53e59cfb4ce4f8df17fcc98889225113 2014-04-07 19:38:23
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7d7e8333cb1a2b6d7c033829705b283065ab488f1ed62453f5e0e6c375230194 2014-04-07 19:28:43
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db489d10abb5c75f353728fc525d2dcfbfbeccda166c86c06029074c95164db5 2014-04-07 19:18:48
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Public Note: I like beer very much, but because of live cost in my country I'm not able to afford as much as I like. Help me fund my beer thirst. P.S. I'm not alcoholic, probably. :D
25b6e518e2b8af8395f0ca59e535c08fa8cf8301d680a48b0ea45ae725a7d115 2014-04-04 05:44:58
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Public Note: Send some BTC pl0x... I'm 19 and broke :(
fdcfe74fc3923200e70fa27c8c59a1015607cea40cc486f7f397f883eb5e627d 2014-03-16 02:27:55
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Public Note: Sorry Sam :-(
aaed82d268e28c601692a08e0691b49809b91129c8c4e18c438505972ac34901 2014-03-11 19:29:51
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642cfad78524c68459055636329ee5d2a673a8c7c501958eb2f9f04f899d00b2 2014-03-03 17:39:35
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a0d646e5f8f19b5dd8151ed336c60fed870de0d2a1885ec9e6bffa39c914f1c7 2014-02-14 02:21:00
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c9e7eec26234cad063309033938e2062434e393bb78e161d29496d87e89b1093 2014-02-13 22:00:06
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Public Note: Just adding my 2 (or 6) cents to this upcoming historic auction. Let's hope it drives BTC price down because I'm ready to BUY BUY BUY!! Donate to a poor student 1Dvp4h2veqpEVNZJe8JMS4L2qbNaf7phwo
46704fed6674b138c3dcd38f0b281e52b3d4531d44593871784105d1697551ac 2014-02-12 08:55:05
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Public Note: get cheap pay-tv Sky Germany,uk,it c+nl, csat and many more
81d2dc8d53a0e7e17771b48b68356638ce23be52dca2224b191b193a71a7f1ef 2014-02-07 03:01:17
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Public Note: This is dedicated to all the Trolls at BTC-e and Potcoin. You Federales can't stop the marijuana train just get out of the way or get crushed.
74306c0b50058a0f1f3790f14cb052b09b34b6c6809fd452fef07195acfca524 2014-02-01 03:07:51
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