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Our team is building innovative products that makes using bitcoin safe, easy, and secure for all users. It is our mission to reimagine how people around the world transact with each other and businesses enabling a new age of frictionless global commerce.


Peter Smith


Peter is focused on tackling legal, operational, and financial issues at as it grows from 2 million users to 200 million. He has a relentless drive and passion for cutting complexity and managing rapid expansion. Before joining, he was an active investor in the space.

Peter has lived, studied and worked in the US, Europe, MENA, East Africa and Asia. When he isn’t basking in the glow of a laptop, you can find him out running, trekking, surfing, and climbing up or skiing down a mountain.

Nicolas Cary

Chief Executive Officer

Raised in Denver, Colorado, Nicolas has a love for the outdoors and traveling; he attributes much of his entrepreneurial insight to his personal journeys around the world. Nicolas loves the free-market spirit behind Bitcoin and has been a believer in it since the beginning. Nicolas brings inspired insight and a unique skill set of creative passion and ethical, pragmatic, thought leadership to his role at Blockchain.

Nicolas is obsessed with customer experiences and spends most of his time working with the product team to deliver exceptional software. When not working Nicolas is a superb chef, outdoorsman, and fitness runner.

Ben Reeves

Chief Technology Officer

Ben is a self-taught developer - he built his first product, a search engine, when he was 14.

After going on to college and subsequently earning a Master's Degree in Computer Science, he was one of the first developers to build consumer products for Bitcoin.

Ben leads development at Blockchain and has led engineering on all major facets of the Blockchain platform, including the development of both Android and iOS applications, the APIs, web wallet and the block explorer.

Roger Ver

Angel Investor

Roger has an educational background in computer science, and economics. Since discovering Bitcoin in late 2010, he has devoted every waking moment to Bitcoin related projects. He has invested in over a dozen different Bitcoin related startups. He is excited about Blockchain's ability to give everyone on the planet access to the financial system.

Roger is so confident that Bitcoin is the most important invention in the history of the world since the Internet, that he can’t imagine spending his time on anything else.

Marco Santori

Global Policy Counsel

Described in the American Banker as "the dean of digital currency lawyers", Marco is a recognized authority in the law of emerging payments. In May of 2014, Blockchain offered the first annual Blockchain Award for Bitcoin Legal Expert, and put the award to an industry vote. Marco won the award with more votes than all of the other candidates combined. Unknown to most, Blockchain had simply open-sourced their search for counsel.

Matt Tuzzolo

Lead Developer

Born and raised in New England, Matt spent his formative years immersed in the technology boom of the 1990s. He is self-taught and has worked in a multitude of environments ranging from small startups to ISPs, large social media sites, agencies, and in computer security. Some of his previous projects include: enterprise sales tools for iPad, consumer-facing iPhone apps, backend systems for large scale websites (encoding queues, content distribution networks, content-filtering systems), Ruby on Rails web applications and their mobile counterparts.

William Hill

Senior Mobile Developer

Bill is an experienced mobile developer. He has over 20 years of experience using languages like Java, C/C++, PHP and Python. He attended American University in Paris and graduated with a degree in Computer Science.

Bill is fascinated with the technology and community that drive Bitcoin’s success. He can often be found enjoying lattes in Bitcoin-friendly cafes in Paris.

Keonne Rodriguez

UI/UX Developer

Keonne specializes in cutting edge web development and human-computer interaction. He has designed and developed web applications that have been used by hundreds of thousands of users, as well as many other smaller niche web sites and applications.

After attending Oxford University, he traveled to South America. It was there with several friends that he attended a Bitcoin conference in Buenos Aires - he has been living and breathing Bitcoin 24/7 ever since.

Dan Held

Product Manager - ZeroBlock

Dan was the co-founder and designer of ZeroBlock, the highest rated and most reviewed mobile app for Bitcoin. He recently joined the team as Director of Product after Blockchain acquired ZeroBlock in December. Much of Dan's product expertise came as a former vice president and analyst at Dunhill Partners where he identified and underwrote many opportunities.

Clark Moody

Software Developer

Clark joined the Bitcoin community in early 2011 and built a successful market data website before building the technology behind the ZeroBlock trading platform. He has degrees in Aerospace Engineering from Texas A&M University with expertise in space robotics.

Timothy Lee

Software Developer

Tim was raised in San Francisco. He accidentally introduced himself to coding in high school, when toying around with his graphing calculator. Tim is well-versed in C/C++, Objective-C, Java, Python, and D. Given that he grew up in San Francisco, it was only fitting for him to end up doing software development at start-up companies.

After going through several start-up companies, he realized he would not be happy unless he works for a Bitcoin company. Besides coding, Tim also enjoys running and tennis.

Vedran Krstevski

Software Developer

Vedran has a background in low-latency electronic trading systems and direct market access in traditional finance. He currently works on the backend of the Zeroblock trading platform, facilitating connectivity with a variety of exchanges.

His educational background is in software engineering. In his free time Vedran is interested in physics, philosophy and decentralized software solutions.

Kevin Houk

Junior Developer

Kevin Houk is from Falls Church, Virginia close to the DC metropolitan area. He started taking an interest in technology at the age of 12, when his father helped him build his first computer. In 2012, Kevin became captain of an Air Force Association's cyber-security competition team. Out of 1,600 teams that competed nationwide, Kevin’s team placed 2nd. Kevin has also worked for the Northrop Grumman Corporation in conducting penetration testing and cloud research.

Mark Pflüger

Software Developer

Mark got his first computer when he was 14, did his high-school's website when he was 15 and started working as a web-developer at 16. He has a Master's degree in Computer Sciences and Economics from the Technical University of Munich.

Mark loves languages, both Programming languages and the other kind. He speaks German, English, Italian, Spanish and Lisp, Clojure, C, Java, Python, JavaScript, Objective-C and some others. Mark has followed Bitcoin since the early days and is very excited to finally be an active part of the community.

George Mandrik

User Operations Manager

"I started mining with my oven," is what George Mandrik, Blockchain’s User Experience Expert, will often say in response to being asked how he first dived into the bitcoin world. He created George’s Famous Baklava in 2009, and started taking bitcoin payments in late 2011.

Mandrik is a well-known person within the Bitcoin community. He is also a leading expert on teaching and supporting new Bitcoin users. At Blockchain, Mandrik leads customer and support operations.

Alyson Margaret

Communications Manager

Alyson heads up all social, corporate and press communications at Blockchain. She has several years of experience in content marketing, brand promotion and corporate communications. Her ability to efficiently engage with others in a friendly and organic way helps Blockchain connect with thousands of new people each and every day.

Aside from living a Bitcoin life 24/7, Alyson breaks things up with her obsession for nail polish, electronic music, and sloths.

Esther Park

Operations Specialist

Born in Korea, Esther moved to the States at the age of 10. She completed her undergraduate studies at Binghamton University in Philosophy, Politics and Law. Esther has worked at various government and legal organizations and comes to Blockchain from Dechert LLP, a global law firm. Her background enables her to apply her experiences and skills at Blockchain, where she focuses on supporting operations and the leadership team.

Esther's latest obsessions include playing golf, snorkeling, and iced coffee with almond milk.

Christopher Camp

Operations Specialist

Based in Southern California, Chris was drawn to Bitcoin as a major advance in freedom enhancing technology. In 2010, after graduating from UC Davis School of Law, Chris founded Restart Democracy, a non-profit dedicated to driving innovations in democratic technology and discovered Bitcoin along the way.

Since that discovery, Chris has taken a deep dive down the Bitcoin rabbit hole and is a huge believer in blockchain-based technologies. Chris has also worked at the Center for Cognitive Liberty and Ethics, Change Congress and a number of international law firms.

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